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Congratulations to Pradeep Chopra, MD for being honored in 2018 by CRPF Forum, an International non-profit organization for CRPS. This is his most recent presentation on the diagnosis and management of CRPS


Our congratulations to Dr Pradeep Chopra for the following:

  1. Lifetime Achievement by the Dysautonomia Support Network. The award is given to the health care provider who has spent a lifetime of distinguished service to the development of their specialty, contributed significantly to the development of the field and has served above and beyond the requirements of their job. 2019
  1. 2018 Honor awarded for contribution to CRPS community by CRPS Forum, an International non-profit organization for CRPS
  1. Humanitarian Award, Dysautonomia Support Network. The award was created to recognize outstanding physicians who’s practice of medicine and sense of altruism has made the world a better place. Someone who has dedicated to improving the quality of patients lives and inspired others to greater heights.2019
  1. Trailblazer award, Dysautonomia Support Network. The award is give annually to the physician, from any specialty, who demonstrate creative initiative, identify new, creative solution to problems, embody strong work ethics, honesty and integrity, works collaboratively with others to achieve goals and establish long-term vision and strategy 2019
  1. Appointment as Honorary President

GERSED (Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche du syndrome d’Ehlers-Danlos), Belgium

International group for research in EDS and its associated conditions. 2019